The Shikuri Project in partnership with Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center, Inc”, USA and two major, national Hospitals - Agha Khan and Moi Teaching University is delivering the following comprehensive program for sickle cell affected children in two counties of Homa Bay and Kakamega



 Introduce screening and diagnosing of infants for        Sickle Cell Disease in communities with no
   medical facilities
• Routine patient treatment and monitoring
• Parent and caregiver training and counselling
• Providing medicines and essential supplies
   including Penicillin prophylaxis; Antibiotics for
   preventing and treating infections
• Pain medications; Thermometers for households
• Hydroxyurea (increases the amount of fetal        hemoglobin (Hb F) which helps the red blood           cells stay round and flexible, which allows blood        to travel more easily through tiny blood vessels         and lowers the risk of strokes from low HGB);
• Anti-Malarials: to prevent malaria – to which
   sicklers are more vulnerable
• Refer patients from community to hospitals for        life saving treatment and laboratory tests;
   monitor patients
• Educate and promote awareness in the
• Partner with local authorities to Mainstream        Sickle Cell management activities into community        health care guidelines


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